Wednesday, 1 February 2012

My first blog post ever

Finally, I have my own website!
Oh my~ I’m stoked!!! *punches charod* lol

Oops sorry haha ok so, I’m not a writer and as you can tell I pretty much type everything I’m thinking in this little crazy head of mine but as time goes by maybe I’ll learn (i said maybe) !

Okay! That was it! My first blog entry. I realize now that blogs, mine specifically, are for writing about stuff that no one would ever listen to face to face. They are meanderings, totally ridiculous, like those word games I was talking about.I've never written a blog entry. I don't really know what blogs are. Confessions? Random thoughts? Stuff you later regret saying in a public forum of strangers? Why do people have blogs? To reveal their unconscious thoughts raised into consciousness? To spout about any little thought that comes to mind and capture it before it floats aware forever like exhaled breath, or hayweed or dandruff?

hahahahaha to my sayam I don't know if this is okay with you and I wouldn't post anything unless you give me permission to do so (depends on your behavior too)

Thanks! xoxo



Little House Gift & Souvenirs said...

waaahhh dah ada beloggg.... hahahah

Anonymous said...

ye dia dah ada belogg okayyhh!!

sayam said...

depends on behaviour??? fair enough...

Nadea Hutt said...

hahahaha forever alone la sayam~

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